Organic Production

Production of juice concentrates, fruit and vegetable purees and pastes

Company "Asper Trade Line" has established itself as the perfect producer of vegetable and fruit purees and pastes, fruit juices. This manufacturer of fruit juices, vegetable and fruit puree uses only the highest quality products, so that there are high-quality end products.


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1. высокое качество продукции
2. новейшие технологии и оборудование
3. индивидуальный подход к каждому партнеру
Organic fruit and vegetable purees
With the help of sterilized method, puree is turned out as a semi-finished and finished product, that can be put for further processing. Moreover, from sterilized purees we can make tinned goods for sauces, pastes, and baby food.
Sulfited сonfitures and purees
Buying the product of our company you can be totally firm, that you will get fully certified, ecologically clean and qualitative product. Make your life sweeter!
Horticultural preservation
Only home-style horticultural preservation is in our assortment.
Our fillers prove themselves perfectly in the production of yogurt, kefir, ice cream, curd paste, cheese, caseous and yoghurt desserts, puddings, smoothies and other da
Fruit fillers
Natural fruit concentrated juice is a liquid nutrition product, obtained with the help of transformation of directly squeezed juice without water.
Fruit concentrated juices

Str. Sverdlov, 6, of 216, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, 49101

Phone: +38-056-744-98-38

Fax: +38-056-744-98-37 

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