Organic Production

Production of juice concentrates, fruit and vegetable purees and pastes

Company "Asper Trade Line" has established itself as the perfect producer of vegetable and fruit purees and pastes, fruit juices. This manufacturer of fruit juices, vegetable and fruit puree uses only the highest quality products, so that there are high-quality end products.

Sulfited сonfitures and purees

Organic сonfitures and sulfited purees

The company "Asper Trade Line" offers a wide range of organic fruit сonfitures, that are made from high-quality fresh or frozen raw materials, which allow to preserve the taste, vitamins and minerals. A high percentage of fruit and berries in сonfitures of our production allows to obtain a natural product of better quality, using natural thickener without foreign flavour intensifiers, dyes, etc.

конфитюры The word "сonfiture" means  boiled in sugar. On this basis, сonfiture looks like sweet gelatinous mass with  whole or chopped fruit pieces evenly spread (it depends on the wishes and requirements of the customer).
The resulting product is often used in confectionery products, dairy products (yoghurt, smoothies, ice cream, cottage cheeses, desserts, etc.), as well as for direct and immediate consumption.
We package our organic сonfiture in glass or metal containers up to 1000 cm3, in polymer - from 30 to 250 cm3. The temperature of the product during prepacking in a glass and metal containers should be 80-85 ° C, in a container made of thermoplastic polymeric material - 70-75 ° C. For better сonfiture’s gelling, it is served hot on sterilization after the pre-packaging. Sterilization carries out at 100 ° C for 10-25 min. After sterilization  the container with сonfiture is cooled to the temperature of water 35-40 ° C in an autoclave.
The final product should contain solids not less than 58-59%, including sugars, in reliance on invert based not less than 50%.

We have the following types of organic сonfiture:
Confiture "Peach"
Confiture "Apricot"
Confiture "Cherry"
Confiture "Raspberry"
Confiture "Berry mix"
Confiture "Pineapple"
Confiture "Strawberry"
Confiture "Apple-kiwi"
Filler "Poppy filling"
Vanilla powder

Buying the product of our company you can be totally firm, that you will get fully certified, ecologically clean and qualitative product. Make your life sweeter!

1. высокое качество продукции
2. новейшие технологии и оборудование
3. индивидуальный подход к каждому партнеру
Organic fruit and vegetable purees
With the help of sterilized method, puree is turned out as a semi-finished and finished product, that can be put for further processing. Moreover, from sterilized purees we can make tinned goods for sauces, pastes, and baby food.
Sulfited сonfitures and purees
Buying the product of our company you can be totally firm, that you will get fully certified, ecologically clean and qualitative product. Make your life sweeter!
Horticultural preservation
Only home-style horticultural preservation is in our assortment.
Our fillers prove themselves perfectly in the production of yogurt, kefir, ice cream, curd paste, cheese, caseous and yoghurt desserts, puddings, smoothies and other da
Fruit fillers
Natural fruit concentrated juice is a liquid nutrition product, obtained with the help of transformation of directly squeezed juice without water.
Fruit concentrated juices

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